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“No, I don’t want to hear about your superhero/villain organization. Put me on the ‘DO NOT CALL’ list, for f--’s sake!”

Daughter of Loki Laufeyson and Jane Vasko, Anthea Vasko is a very talented, nearly completely self-taught sorceress who has surprisingly decided not to follow in the footsteps of her mother or her father, instead pursuing a life of a simple stage magician and has thus far, enjoyed it.


Like her father, Anthea is incredibly tall, standing at about 6’ tall and weighing around 300 lbs. due to her far denser tissue than the average human. She glamors herself in order to fit in more with normal society but her actual appearance is closer to her father’s with faintly blue-tinted skin, bright red eyes, and blue ridges along her skin in swirling unique patterns.


Loki Laufeyson - Father ‘I’m not even sure he was real, to be honest. He was in my life then he wasn’t and now my memory is foggy… was he there or did I just naturally learn what I know, somehow?’

Jane Vasko - Mother ‘Mom was a tough woman and an even tougher mother. I dunno where she is now but I hope she’s finally having some peace.’

Thor Odinson - Adoptive Uncle ‘Dad never spoke about his family, I don’t think… Regardless, I never really met any of them which further cements the idea that he was just a figment of my ‘daddy-issue’ riddled mind.’

Odin - Adoptive Grandfather

Frigga - Adoptive Grandmother

Laufey - Grandfather


  • Regenerative Healing Factor - Anthea inherited a superhuman healing factor beyond that of her father’s that mimics more like her mother’s. She is capable of enduring injuries that would kill any other human being. She is not invulnerable to being hurt, but every injury that she sustains is healed in a matter of seconds or minutes. Minor injuries and blows take seconds to heal, unable to slow her movements in the slightest while grave injuries depending on severity can take up to an hour to heal. Even with this fantastic regenerative healing ability, Anthea feels every bit of pain these wounds cause even after they are healed for days afterwards if the injuries were bad enough. The pain doesn’t last as long as it would’ve otherwise, but she has to endure it all even if she’s completely fine physically. Unlike her mother, she has yet to sustain many injuries as she is not a vigilante and just someone trying to live her life.
  • Sorcerous Magic - Just like her father, Anthea is skilled and trained in the use of Asgardian sorcery with him being her mentor up until he disappeared from her life. Once he was gone, she trained herself to be able to use the magic she uses today. Because of her birth on earth, she adapted to use Asgardian magic on Earth better than her father who was not born on Earth. Illusions, Concealment, Telekinesis, and Shapeshifting are the only magical abilities she has mastered well enough for her to be confident in their use. She is capable of projecting magical energy bursts and shields of the same energy like Loki but they are very weak and very unpredictable, so much so that she does not use either ability for fear of hurting herself or someone else.
    • Illusions - Illusions are no issue for Anthea to create, anywhere from simple objects that appear to be something else when in reality are another entirely to creating illusory people, animals, and even buildings if she focuses herself well enough. This ability is limited really by her imagination, though these illusions cannot influence reality in any way significantly besides tricking the untrained eye.
    • Conjuration - Anthea can conjure items though only from one specific place, a small pocket dimension special only to her. This dimension is flexible but only able to hold items she can hold in one or two hands with relative ease. Up to ten items can be stored in this dimension at once and if she were to try storing more, they would all come spewing out much like a Bag of Holding. This is a fixed limit she cannot change. Typically inside this dimension, she stores items for her magic tricks but if need be, can store weapons for self-defense as well. Whenever she summons an item from this dimension, she can make the portal into it however small or large she wishes up to the size of her hand to the size of a pin (if the item can fit through a hole that small).
    • Concealment - This concealment magic is very basic and one she uses in order to make her disappearing acts appear very real. She can turn herself and up to two other people, animals, or objects invisible for as long as she focuses on the magic. Should she lose focus, the concealment disappears and whatever was hidden is revealed. A loss of focus often comes in the form of any extremely painful injury, startling noises, or a loss of consciousness.
    • Shapeshifting - Like her father, she can also use her magic to make herself appear differently than what she normally does to the extent that she can turn herself into living things only, animal or humanoid. This magic is the most taxing on her mental capabilities and if she’s using this magic to transform herself, she can’t use any of her other magic while she is. If she decides to use this ability to make inanimate objects appear like others, it is less taxing though not by much and it follows the same rules as when she transforms herself by it being the only thing she can do while the magic is active. Anthea’s preferred shapes for shapeshifting are animals, usually an owl, cat, or dog. She does not receive any special abilities while shapeshifted except flight or water breathing if the form naturally has that ability like a bird or fish.
    • Telekinesis - With her magic, Anthea is capable of moving items up to three hundred pounds in weight before it becomes too taxing on her to attempt. This also includes herself which she can use as a form of flight without actually being able to fly.
  • Frost Giant Physiology - Anthea is not a full frost giant like her father, Loki, but she does have a high resistance and tolerance to the cold like he does and can survive temperatures that would usually kill any normal person. Her body is also hardier and denser than the average person’s, weighing in at around three hundred pounds while still having a healthy weight in appearance. She also has enhanced strength, speed, endurance, agility, reflexes, and durability as he does, though to a lesser extent in part to only being half Frost Giant. She also has a very slow aging process which nearly all but ceased once she became twenty-four. While Loki could likely live several thousand years, there’s no telling how long exactly Anthea could also live but most likely far less than her father.


  • Hand-to-hand Combat - Anthea was trained in very basic hand-to-hand combat training in order for her to be able to defend herself against a basic opponent trying to cause her problems but she isn’t extensively skilled in combat and doesn’t plan on getting trained unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Firearms Training - She also has basic training in firearms safety, repair, and usage and also has a license to carry a sidearm which is typically a Glock 19.
  • Bladed Weaponry Training - Not given to her by either of her parents, Anthea personally took lessons in proper usage of swords and knives, mostly for her magic acts though also to defend herself if she was desperate enough to need a sword.


Anthea is not invulnerable to dying unlike her mother appeared to be. If she sustained enough massive damage from one source of damage or someone removed her heart or brain, she would be unable to regenerate from such trauma.

Anthea’s magical talents are far from a master sorcerer’s. Though she has trained herself and had Loki’s initial great tutelage there are many things she cannot do, creating elements being one of them. She is unable to simply create things out of nothing, and cannot manipulate minds like her father could or move as many items with telekinesis.


Usually, her equipment would be the weapons and items she carries in her small pocket dimension when she isn’t doing magic shows.

Glock 19, Army Knife, throwing knives (6 of them) European hand-and-a-half sword, and pepper spray.


Anthea is a woman whom most would describe as a very calm individual. She rarely lets her temper get the better of her unless it involves someone trying to repeatedly recruit them for some mission or another once they find out who her mother was. She’s always trying to live her life and live it in a way where she doesn’t have to be involved in anyone else’s problems, though more often than not she ends up being dragged into something she didn’t start. She is also quite fun-loving usually, a lover of magic, humor, and a good time… as long as you aren’t bothering her about joining the next ‘big’ super organization.


Anthea is the daughter of Loki and Painkiller Jane, taking after the two of them in a curious way. She was trained by him as a young child in the art of sorcery from the age of four until she was around ten years old when he left her and her mother mysteriously. From then on, she’d wondered if he truly existed at all and if she hadn’t just had those abilities, to begin with. She trained herself after he left them, truly pursuing the perfection of the art even if she was likely never going to be as good as her father. She focused in Shapeshifting first in order to actually go to school instead of being homeschooled due to the appearance she inherited from her father. When she finally learned to hide her true appearance, it was only the first hurdle to get over; her mother took a lot of convincing that she could handle keeping the illusion up for enough hours to cover the entire school day and the trip back home. When she was about fifteen, her mother finally let her go to the public high school for the first time, showing her father’s intellect didn’t pass her thankful and she was close enough to her peers’ level of learning to be put into normal classes.

Anthea had difficulties making friends with normal humans, however. Her shocking height at her age and her quirky personality didn’t help her situation. For most of her time in public school, Anthea only found friends within the outcasts of the school though she was very easy to please and never found any problems with who she found to socialize with. Once she graduated, they all moved on to other pursuits but made sure to keep in touch. While they went on to college in other states or countries, Anthea instead decided to pursue a career in magic, using her natural talents coupled with her speed and reflexes to make it appear as though she was using sleight of hand for tricks when she was using her simple conjuration magic. These jobs started off in small bars and cafes though as she grew in popularity and she began to be noticed more, she was offered jobs anywhere from local talk shows to acclaimed bars and cafes that the more wealthy were known to frequent. Overall, she’s made herself a fine, quiet life, interrupted only by the occasions where she’s dragged into someone else’s issues or by vigilantes and villains attempting to recruit her to their cause whenever they find out who her mother or father was (respective to the two parties).

Trivia & Quotes

“These heroes are worse than Mormons when it comes to recruiting. No offense to Mormons.”

When Loki left Anthea and Jane, he left small subliminal thoughts in their minds that maybe he never was there in the first place and never bothered to meet his daughter. To this day, these thoughts still make Anthea assume he never cared enough about her to even meet her and question whether his presence was just a figment of her imagination or her way of coping with having an absentee father.

Anthea has, indeed, gotten calls from supposed ‘heroes’ and ‘villains’ trying to get her to join their cause. She’s repeatedly told them to create a Do Not Call List and put her name as number 1 on it.

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