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"You can never beat me, kid. These guns will crush you like a compactor."

Antonio Clark Wilson loves to talk. He will psych himself up and he will always claim to be the best of the best in the Gnucci crime family, even though he knows this is not true, however this may prove to be his downfall...


Antonio is 5'8, 183 lbs, has brown hair, hazel eyes, and an endomorph build.

Antonio is normally seen wearing sweaters and jeans, though sometimes he wears fancy clothing depending on his mood.



  • Superhuman Strength (Type I): Antonio has the power to lift up objects normal humans cannot pick up. His strength is limited however; he can lift/carry /tip over things from cars to mostly empty/empty shipping containers, but can lift no heavier than a tank, or anything heavier than what he can normally lift. He can also kill a normal human with ease.
  • Enhanced Durability: Antonio is a very durable man, durable than normal humans, able to survive gunshots to small explosions, though he can still feel the pain. This ability works in tandem with his superhuman strength, allowing him to carry objects without harming himself due to his skin.


  • Negotiator: As one of the major figures in the Gnucci crime family, Antonio negotiates deals on behalf of the family. He is known for working deals their 'clients' won't refuse (most of the time).


  • Though Antonio has enhanced, durable skin, it would still hurt him. Bullets .50 cal or higher can kill him. (A specialised bullet may also do the trick as well.)
  • Antonio can lift no heavier than a tank or anything heavier than what he can normally lift.
  • Antonio is extremely cocky.


  • Beretta M9: Antonio's main weapon when not using his powers.


Antonio takes a lot of pride in his work as one of the major figures in the Maggia; specifically the Gnucci's, whom he works for. He will do whatever takes to stay at the top, even if it means pushing or killing those who try to get above his level, but will let anyone pass him should he be impressed by them. He can become easliy jealous if one were to surpass him in the things he does.



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