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{{New Earth-657 Infobox Template
 |title1=Real name
 |image1= [[File:Image-placeholder-350x350.png|thumb]]
 |caption1=ignore this i guess
 |alias(s)=hero/villain/vigilante name
 |real_name=well, you know what to do
 |nickname(s)= names that isnt your real name or alias
 |age=well, your age
 |sexual_orientation=u gay or nah
 |date_of_birth=when ya born
 |place_of_birth=where ya born
 |base_of_operations/hometown=you can do one or the other (shield helicarrier as a BOO example, soho, new york, usa is hometown example
 |occupation=wass ya job
 |team_affiliation=who u teamin with/workin for
 |alignment=chaotic neutral, lawful good etc
 |status=alive or dead (humans), active or destroyed (android or whatever
short summary of ya character
what ya character looks like + costume (if any)
*what relationships they have (could be a friend/spouse/family member)
*what kind of powers and abilities they got (must be in bullet points)
*does your character have a special set of skills (lol) outside of your characters powers and abilities (it can be anything from cooking to knowing a lot of languages)(must be in bullet points)
*what hinders your character
*any weapons or equipment go here
what are they like when you interact or see them
where ya origin story goes, and where u can expand on what ya character does during their lifetime
==Trivia & Quotes==
fun facts about these characters, and best quotes that they have
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