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Jason Myers (Boomerang)

"People often look upon boomerangs as being primitive, I mean, yeah, they don't seem as cool or intimidating as, say, a big gun...but I can do just as much damage with this as any of you dickheads can with your expensive assault rifles." - Boomerang addressing a room full of hostile thugs.

Born in Australia to Frederick Myers, the original Boomerang, and an unnamed American mother, Jason Myers always inherited his father's natural aiming ability, to the point where Jason's aiming, especially with boomerangs, could be considered superhuman. However, Jason didn't really have any respect from the underworld of New York when he first arrived from Australia after a stint in the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. But that all changed when Jason started to drop bodies with his boomerangs like he was shooting fish in a barrel.


Jason is a fairly handsome young man in his late 20s with short, dark blonde hair, he often wears regular clothes, even when on his missions to kill people, it helps him blend in more.

Especially because of his height, Jason stands at an average 5ft9 and uses his unremarkable appearance to his advantage, as he'll often casually walk towards his target, impale them with a boomerang and continue walking without even breaking stride.

However, as 'Boomerang', Jason started to embrace the over-the-top nature of the world he found himself in, he started wearing his old Australian army uniform, but with boomerang designs all over it.


Frederick Myers (Father, Status: Unknown)

Unnamed Mother (Mother, Status: Alive.)


When Jason was in the Australian military, he picked up skills in hand to hand combat and breezed through training at the age of 18; it wasn't long before he managed to get to the elite ranks of the Australian military, just before his 20th birthday. That training has given him some extra skills to go with his almost superhuman aiming skills.

Superhuman Aiming / Accuracy: Jason is viewed as one of the greatest marksmen in the entire world, and for good reason, able to take out entire rooms full of enemies with a single throw from his Boomerang. He has also been able to cut off someone's finger nail from across the street without even grazing any other part of the body. He was also able to cut a bullet fired from a gun in half with a boomerang.

Superhuman Throwing: Jason has the ability to throw any object with enough force that it can be either lethal or with enough force that should be physically possible, as shown when he once threw a cricket ball and the speed was registered at 150mph, also, when he was in the middle of a conflict, he picked up a pack of playing cards and threw one of them with such force that it went through the head of one of the people trying to kill him.

Peak Human Reflexes: Due to his days in the army as a sniper, Jason has learned to have peak human reflexes, able to react to situations within a split second, one example was he was able to dodge the bullet from a sniper rifle that was fired from across the street.

Peak Human Strength: While not superhuman, Jason's training with the Australian special forces gave him peak strength, as shown in occassions where he's fought hand to hand and been able to throw people around the room with relative ease.

Expert Hand To Hand Combatant: Due to his training with the Aussie special forces, Jason has proved to be an expert hand to hand fighter, often compared to someone such as Daredevil in terms of his ferocity in hand to hadn combat.


Human Vulnerabilities: Despite his insane aiming skills and peak conditioning, Jason is still just a human, so he can be killed by being shot in the right place, being stabbed or being blown up.


Despite his life as a criminal and a hitman, Jason is known as being very affable and cheerful with his fellow criminals, even having nicknames for his associates. That said, Jason can turn on a dime and get incredibly angry, especially if he feels like he is being disrespected; he is also extremely shy and socially awkward, especially while talking to women, he has issues making eye contact and has a habit of stammering and rambling. He also doesn't seem to understand social norms, as him standing with two people who were having a conversation and not realising that they want him to go away.


Jason William Myers was born in Alice Springs, Australia to Frederick Myers (Boomerang) and an unnamed American woman; despite his father's criminal occupation, Jason still had a great deal of respect for him and the fact that they were able to put food on the table thanks to his father's criminal occupations.

Despite that, Jason had a great relationship with his mother and was known to be a good student in school, only really finding himself 'popular' when he joined the cricket team, where he was the star player and people were mentioning that Jason had the skill to turn pro.

However, Jason became inspired by Callum Starr and other Australian servicemen and women and, at the age of 18, he signed up to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps; where he blitzed through basic training without even breaking a sweat, his aiming ability being noted by his trainers as "Borderline Supernatural." and, when Jason was only 19, he was assigned to Afghanistan and he excelled, racking up kills left, right and center as a sniper and managing to pull off incredible feats of marksmanship.

Jason was then admitted to the Special Air Service Regiment, The Australian Special Forces, just a week before his 20th birthday, where Jason got the codename of 'Boomerang' after his father; which Jason genuinely appreciated. After a year with the special forces, Jason and his unit was recalled as a cost cutting measure.

Feeling resentful and betrayed by his government, who had promised Jason and other Australians the world, Jason decided to leave his country a 'parting gift' as he took a simple marble and threw it at the head of his superior who pulled his unit out. The marble killed the superior officer by going right through his skull.

Jason quickly made his way to America, New York, specifically, in another similar move to his father, where Jason's credentials in the army and his insane throwing and accuracy quickly proved to the criminals of New York that he was the furthest thing from a joke. Despite his sadistic streak, Jason tends to hold no ill will towards the people he's hired to kill, he views it as simply a job.



Boomerang Laced With Poison.

Boomerang Laced With Explosives.

Beretta PMX.