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The Story So Far...

In the past couple of months since the incident at the Sanctum, there has been a huge rise in criminal activity, especially the Maggia, which have recently reformed. The numerous gangs within the syndicate or otherwise scattered around Manhattan have allied with each other and have conducted operations in preparation to take over the island of Manhattan.

Numerous fights involving the Maggia include Lower Manhattan, Central Park, and has recently spread to Brooklyn. Lower Manhattan was home to a bloodbath, which resulted in many civilian casualties, as well as criminal casualties thanks to David Castle, the Punisher.

In Central Park, what was supposed to be an easy job for the Blue Blisstol turned into a firefight; an associate for the Gnucci family, Antonio Wilson was seen with The Man In The Suit at a penthouse party. The fight that followed had gotten many partygoers killed, and the Blue Blisstol had decided to form an uneasy alliance with Ripley Jones, a private investigator.

A deal gone sour in Brooklyn led to a shootout between the Gnucci's and a gang known as 'The G', who helped reform the Maggia syndicate. Heroes within the area were able to stop the fight, largely thanks to Lightspeed, a mutant vigilante with superspeed.