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The daughter of the great Asgardian warrior god, Tyr; Corinne Hendrix lacks the effort and care to also be one of Asgard's greatest warriors, unlike the other descendants. Corinne instead visits Earth whenever possible, indulging in both women and alcohol.

Corinne's reckless and dangerous behaviour in both Asgard and other worlds had often gotten her exiled from Asgard, but her quick wit and smooth words have got her out of that situation more times than she could count.


Corinne has short black hair that flows down to her shoulders with dark brown eyes. Her style consists of darker clothing, that covers almost all of her skin. Underneath her clothing are tattoos that cover her entire left arm. When on Earth however, she decides against hiding her markings with a spell a majority of the time.

When in a fight, Corinne changes her appearance entirely, to her armour. Her armour colour consists of red, grey, brown and black leathers. Along her chest are two straps that cross over, holding a sheath for a blade at her back.

Her right arm is entirely covered in metal armour, to prevent enemies from slashing at her arm when attacking.


Superhuman Strength -

Due to the Asgardian blood running through her veins, much like the other gods Ivtris' strength exceeds that of normal humans and mutants alike by tenfold. This allows her to lift heavy objects that other people may not be able to lift.

Capable of dialling back her strength when confronted or when in fights, Ivtris is also able to use her immense strength in close quarters combat, giving her attacks great force that could kill normal humans in a fight.

An upside to this power when not fighting, is that she can also send herself longer distances when performing stunts such as jumping. When jumping, she can send herself into the air at an incredible speed and height.

Combat Empowerment -

When fighting, Ivtris can become stronger and more durable with each hit taken by her opponent. With each hit taken, Astraea's body becomes faster, more durable and quicker. While being able to enhance her own powers, this can only be for a limited time. Her body can over exceed itself and can force her to be fatigued quicker.

When fighting, Ivtris can analyse her opponents fighting style in moments, learning how they move and using their or move set against them in any form of combat alongside.

Enhanced Durability -

Able to take more hits than any human or mutant, Ivtris can withstand many punches and blows before succumbing to the effects. This also allows her to fight longer before hurting herself from throwing punches or getting fatigued.

Attacks such as stabs, slices and hits with blades and blunt force weapons along her skin are less effective - however still injure her. She is able to take more hits.

Fear Masking -

A power that was passed down from her father to her, Ivtris is capable of suppressing her fear - making her fearless as long as she can concentrate.

War / Conflict Inducement -

Using this power when under the influence or as a form of entertainment for herself, Astraea can force conflict between a small group of people - escalating people's emotion of hate and anger to force people to end up fighting or cause arguments between any parties.


Enhanced Swordmanship -

Being raised by her father at a young age, Ivtris was taught how to wield weapons and how to wield them effectively in times of crisis. Determined and keen at heart, Ivtris learned how to move and how to move her blade quicker than herself.

Capable of wielding any bladed weapon, she can demonstrate skill, power and speed allowing her to perform feats such as deflecting projectiles, decimating large objects with singular strikes, and even hold back her strength to deal damage that cannot kill lesser beings such as humans.

Able to operate with little to no effort, when wielding any bladed weapon, Ivtris will show no indication of slowing down. No matter what state she is in, she is able to demonstrate almost impossible feats and cut exactly what she wants and where she wants. Wielding two swords at once is another talent, making her more dangerous however more open to long ranged attacks.

Hand to Hand Combat (CQC) -

Astraea excels in melee attacks without wielding weapons. Rather than relying on her weapons or equipment, she relies on her own skill and strength to fight. Ivtris is skilled and can perform an array of strikes, counters and disarm her foes with her bare hands.


Tyrfing - "She will always be there when you need her."

Ivtris' own weapon named after her father Tyr's sword, Ivtris requested a weapon that held a sleek look, all while remaining completely hidden until needed. The finished product was what seemed like a ring, with a protection sigil engraved on it. In her time of need, a sword will build itself in her hand - helping her in her time of need.