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Despite inadvertently ripping the name off of another criminal, Michael Jospeh Travis, aka Crimemaster, might as well be the worst criminal to go down in history. Or might he be an accidental hero?


Michael is 6'2, weighs 210 lbs, has short, messy brown hair and beard, and has olive eyes. He also has a nose ring.

As the Crimemaster, he wears a black and white striped spandex bodysuit, black boots, black gloves and a baklava.


  • Cornelius the Orchid (plant, best friend)


  • Crimemaster has no powers or abilities. None whatsoever.


  • Master Planner: Although Crimemaster has the reputation of the worst criminal in the world, his imagination runs wild; though sometimes it might be outright ridiculous, the Crimemaster's plans may be on par with some of the best plans made by other criminals.


  • Michael is human.
  • Michael talks too much.
  • Michael's aim is mostly terrible.
  • Michael has no fighting skills, whatsoever.
  • Michael is too emotionally charged.
  • Though he is a master planner, his execution is less than flawless, almost every time.


  • Remington Model 870 Shotgun
  • Pepper Spray

Both items he stole from a police officer/cruiser.


Michael can be described as having "the confidence of Donald Trump, but with a mind of a 5-year-old living a fantasy". In general, he can be extremely annoying. As much as he loves a good team-up with "fellow villains", Michael just as much loves going solo as well.



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