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"I used to be normal, once... not so much anymore. It was fun though. I used to be the 'Super-

Smart Dan' or the big quiet nerd everyone thought was gonna play Pumped Up Kicks one day and ... well, you know the rest'. I was fine with that, you know. I had a life. Zero friends, but an awesome two-screen desktop with an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 and 8 gigabytes on it. Not anymore. Not since I gained my powers. Not since they called me a Menace..."

-- Daniel Dalton


"In the world we live in, there is nothing more astonishing than being able to change the minds of many with just a brain and a hand-held device."

-- Daniel Dalton

Early Childhood

Daniel Winston was born and grew up in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, New York. The son of an engineer and a priest, his birth was kept secret from most of his family members. The two met each other after mass where his mother confided in the priest about her troubles every week and, soon after, the father fell into temptation and together they shared a night which resulted in the woman, Georgiah, becoming pregnant. The maternal side of his family members simply believed he was one child of a one-night stand (which turned out to be true) and as such treated the child as a mistake. Daniel lived his life inside the comfort of his mother's home. Georgiah was a relatively stable woman with a sizable income due to her being an engineer so providing for Daniel was not considered out-of-the-question. Daniel was enrolled into the Betsy Ross Elementary School and, at a very young age of six, displayed genius-level intellect. It was due to this intellect, and the constant vigilance over the teachers, that Daniel was immediately picked on by his peers and in their jealousy bullied him. It was these experiences in his early childhood that would affect Daniel's decisions for the course of his childhood and for the rest of his life.

Around the third grade, the group of children bullying Daniel decided to take it more personally as it had visible no effect on him. Daniel seemed unnerved at the constant name-calling. The constant bullying eventually led to shoving, tripping, and on certain occasions that they were alone they would turn him upside down and shake him for money. The teachers, who were ignorant to the situation, dismissed what they saw as "rough housing fit for growing boys". Georgiah, his mother, was not aware of the bullying but still continued to care and talk to him, showing she had unconditionally loved him despite the circumstances regarding his birth. Unbeknownst to them, even to Daniel, it was around the fourth or fifth grade that his X-gene manifested and he excelled greatly in all his quizzes. After acing all their finals, the bullying only became worse due to the rage and jealousy of his peers who believed that they were much more superior than Daniel.

Gaining powers

Daniel's disdain for villainy

The bullying still did not stop when Daniel was around sixteen to seventeen years old, around the time Daniel was still in high school. At this point in his life, Daniel was offered scholarships to the Ivy League Universities which he turned down, believing that the pace he was going at the moment with his education sufficed for him. His peers, who believed that Daniel turned these opportunities down simply because he thought he was better than them, started to call him an "idiot" and the "most stupid teenager in the world". Daniel's bullying started to become more physical than it was before; he was beaten up occasionally in a random alleyway and would sometimes suffer in his academics because of this. One of the bullies, Fenton, would falsify that Daniel cheated from his paper and his peers would testify against Daniel. Daniel grew to despise villainy and, no matter what the cost, sought to punish it. When he was being physically assaulted again he immediately retaliated, defeating the group of bullies due to the difference between their feeble hand-to-hand antics compared to Daniel's, the latter having figured out their styles almost immediately. During the course of his escape, Daniel encountered a Nathan Summers who was battling Nathaniel Grey, both from different worlds. The Techno-Organic Virus, who sensed Daniel's mutant x-gene, decided to sate its urges, spreading from Nathaniel Summers' body when they were both weakened by each other's telepathic attacks and into a hiding Daniel. The virus despite its craving for organic flesh fell victim to Daniel's unknown X-gene's ability which somehow gained control of the virus. The two vanished afterwards to battle in a different world, Daniel falling unconscious from the process of the virus melding with his mind. He woke up soon after and went home.

Retaliation and Departure

Daniel woke up, interfacing with his computer and immediately understanding its coding and systems. He discovered it after he was able to remotely control the computer remotely with just his mind. Daniel soon found that he could remember everything in his life that led to this moment from the moment he could first think inside his mother's womb, even hearing the voice of his father. After questioning his mother about it, she remained stagnant in that the man was dead. Daniel decided to do some investigating, but not before completing his revenge on the bullies that would have undoubtedly ended his life in the brawl. He hacked into Fenton's phone contacts and leaked his alleged cheating on his girlfriend, falsifying the identity of another girl, instantaneously creating a video with him and this imaginary girl and leaking it on his Facebook social media page. Fenton was disgraced and bullied like Daniel was not long after. Right when Daniel was prepared to make his departure from home, Fenton committed suicide. The news shocked everyone in the school, including Daniel who vowed to be wary of how he utilized his newfound powers. The school soon found out that the existence of the girl in the video was fake, teachers and students alike calling the video's creator a monster and a menace, a danger to society. Daniel hacked into Cambridge's systems through a backdoor he discovered planted by one of its former students and registered his name into one of the freshmen. He downloaded one of its acceptance files into his printer and had it printed exactly as it would. After showing it to his mother, who was more than happy to send him off, Daniel instead went underground, deleting all governmental files of him and replacing his name with Daniel Dalton. He then journeyed to find his father.

Powers and Abilities


Techno-Organic Virus: Daniel manifested an x-gene when he was in his younger years. Up until this point, the powers manifested by his x-gene remain unknown however what is confirmed is that it is stopping the techno-organic virus from consuming wholly his body. The effectiveness of the x-gene is enough that the virus isn't externally obvious in his body, however if one were to take a closer look they would find that Daniel's brain is built like a supercomputer, maintaining some of its genetic material and organic structure to the point that Daniel can still feel natural human emotions; due to its complex processing however it seems that emotions don't find a way to fit into Daniel's logical way of thinking. For now, the techno-organic virus is being freely controlled by Daniel however can act up whenever Daniel becomes weaker, or if he becomes incapable of controlling the virus. The effect of the virus on Daniel is dependent on his mental and physical state, the more out of control Daniel is the more harder it is to resist the virus' urge to multiply through other organic hosts which could prove fatal to anyone, ally or foe, near Daniel.

  • Supercomputer Brain: Daniel is capable of accelerated thought processes, possessing an eidetic memory with a nigh-infinite storage for information and data. Daniel's mind, infected with the techno-organic virus, is capable of communicating and interacting with other devices such as a computer or a cellphone; his brain is connected to the internet capable of accessing search engines such as Google and Yahoo! with the inclusion of super encrypted networks like governmental or Avengers ones. Daniel is also capable of hacking though and still capable of hacking into super-encrypted files like the latter and his mind is shielded from it as well. Daniel can also upload his consciousness into a device that acts as an A.I. Daniel also does not require sleep due to his brain being infected with the virus.
    • Telepathic Resistance: Daniel's mind is built like a supercomputer therefore his mind does not process information the same way a human's does. It is possible to read Daniel's mind since it is still comprised of organic material however, due to his accelerated thought processing, a low-level telepath would be overwhelmed with the amount of information being processed with his brain as well as the speed at which the brain processes this information.
  • Cybernetic Restructuring: Through the techno-organic virus Daniel is capable of rearranging the atomic structure of matter he is touching. Daniel is capable of re-purposing damaged or broken technology by repairing it or changing it for other use. Daniel is also capable of forming technological devices and machinery out of non-technological material such as wood and water, so long as the object in question is made of solid or liquid matter and not out of gas or plasma. This allows him to create technological devices such as cellphones, computers and calculators from objects such as a brick. Daniel is still incapable of transforming technology from special metal alloys such as Uru, Adamantium, Vibranium nor can he transform organic material yet. In the event that there is no available material around, Daniel is capable of temporarily transforming parts of his body into technology although he would run the risk of permanently losing that part of his body if it were to be destroyed, and Daniel does not have a regenerative healing factor to grow that part back.
    • Technological Constructs: Daniel is capable of creating and remotely manipulating technology, machinery, and technological constructs created from pre-existing technology. Daniel is capable of creating and controlling advanced technological weaponry such as a plasma cannon, rifle, sword, a device that generates an E.M.P., or create technological devices that provide a strong defense such as an energy shield or barrier, or a device for supplementary use such as a drone or even nanites. Daniel's constructs are only capable of withstanding and dealing a superhuman's worth of force before being destroyed by a superior strength.