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"I Study the art of war, Living in a world full of gods and aliens means there's a lot more that needs to be kept in check...So Let's Do This." - David Hill

Born in secret by S.H.I.E.L.D experimentation, the scientists of the Science division used the DNA of the infamous Tony Masters and the second in command of S.H.I.E.L.D Maria Hill created a genetic clone of both traits, the Strategic Savy nature of Agent Hill and the Combat adept Tony Masters now going by the name of David taking his surname of his Mother continuing the fight in the same manner of both of his biological parents in the CIA.


His Civilian clothing is usually a black jacket with a plain black tank top beneath and cargo pants, Combat gear he wears a battle readied vest and combat boots but rarely dawns his fathers gear though which was heavily updated and given a new design from [REDACTED].


  • Tony Masters (Father, Missing/Presumed Dead)
  • Maria Hill (Mother, Missing/Presumed Dead


During his time in the SAD (Special Activities Division) David was shifted around the world working with allied countries of the USA as well as working closely with Special Forces groups like DEVGRU, and the SAS honing a battle potential that rivals the likes of ex-Marine Frank Castle himself.

  • Photographic Reflexes:Inheriting the genes from his father, David can watch another person's physical movements and duplicate them without any practice or training, no matter how complex. David is able to duplicate almost any physical activity after seeing it done by someone else only once. Hill can use this ability to master complex gymnastics routines and play difficult pieces of music. However, he typically prefers to use this ability to copy the combat skills, both armed and unarmed and expert martial artists from around the world.
  • Peak Human Condition:Known within the men he fought beside with, David had and still has the same Spartan Regime of having one meal a day, having four hours of sleep and runs seven miles every morning, every weekend he also wakes up before the sun rises, runs around to his favorite diner which was also ten miles away just to get the freshest eggs and joe there is, All of this keeps him in fighting shape and has been engraved in his mind from his early life and now.
  • Peak Human Durability:Being a CIA operative he was trained to resist all forms of torture and other forms that you haven't even heard of, this made him extremely durable to the point of seeming to be more than human having an exceptional pain tolerance from enduring over 48 Hours of continuous torture before being put into cardiac arrest after being captured by the Terrorist Organisation known as the Ten Rings.
  • Infiltration Specialist:One of his base skills was to infiltrate behind enemy lines using his advanced training and senses known to be one of the best at this skill rivaling the likes of Black Widow.
  • Marksman Specialist:Another skill he has picked up was the ability to shoot with remarkable accuracy and precision while also being able to pick up any weapon on the planet being able to use it with the highest efficiency any man can ever do.
  • Elite Strategist:With his extensive military experience as well as having a Major in Military History from Yale David has a natural ability at battle predictions while also knowing how to wait, observe and act all at once.
  • Demolitions Specialist:During his tours David learned how to dispose of IED's and put them back into use as makeshift C4 towards the enemies, using this knowledge he has become more than familiar with explosives and other weapons that can take out a blocks radius.
  • Interrogations Specialist:David's training within the CIA also brought in nuanced and unconventional ways of intelligence extraction being able to use tools and expertly employs them into ways of intimidation or force though he uses these skills as his last resort.


  • Human Vulnerabilities:Like every other human, David can be killed by mortal injuries as well as untreated injuries.


Covert and Secretive, David has a very secluded nature often being mysterious among his peers though is a natural born leader none the less, he also understands what it's like to survive and live in the harsh world bearing a sort of wisdom while also despising those that exploit and kill people unjustly having a true understanding in this above all.


After being raised by his mother Maria Hill she took him in as her natural born son as she saw a lot of herself in him, at the age of 16 he was a prime candidate in West Point Military Academy handpicked by the Army as they saw much potential in young David, he flew through with flying colors and immediately left to Ranger's School and enlisted into the Navy Seals, after his first tour at the age of 20 he was hand picked into Delta force and before long he reached a high renown for being the top soldier within their ranks and was noticed by the CIA, at the age of 23 David Hill lost all contact with his mother and went into the CIA Special Activities Division working with the most elite warriors on the planet before long becoming one of the most prolific soldiers within the US Military using his natural born skills and cunning got himself the chance of working on joint task force missions in other countries keeping his status unknown to all though those that knew David gave him the call sign as 'Tasker' for being the best point man and knowing how to use the enemies strategies against themselves.


  • Sig Sauer 1911 Tac Ops
  • Beretta PMX
  • Custom ADC Spartan
  • Grey Ghost Precision Grim MKII
  • Victrix Armaments Scorpio
  • Victrix Armaments Corvo
  • Custom Benelli M4
  • M32 Grenade Launcher
  • Custom Honshu Broadsword and Tony Master's Old shield.
  • Ka-Bar Standard Issue Knife