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"I didn't ask for this; but here we are, and I'm just stuck with this awesome hair." ― Mackenzie Smith/Gemini

Mackenzie is a fresh-outta-college gay girl who tries to be tough but is kinda a softy inside. She loves nothing more than to spend time with her girlfriend and eat chocolate, but sometimes her abilities cause situations that come between that.


  • Jayn Blanchard [girlfriend]
  • Abbigail (née Krachtus) Smith [mother]
  • Niall Smith [father]
  • Sarah Rogers [friend]


  • Shapeshifting--can shapeshift into any animal or person, matching their voice and even abilities/powers by 'MiMicking' (as she calls it) them
  • Can change her appearance at will, even without MiMicking someone




Varies/can be altered; In her natural appearance, Mackenzie has multicolored hair, vampire-pale skin, and gray eyes with no pupils, due to the incident that caused her mutation. She is 5'9", with a slim and delicate but feminine and strong figure.

Pre-mutation appearance: Black hair, somewhat tan skin, hazel eyes(with pupils).



Mackenzie can be a bit crass and distancing at first impression, but is affectionate, kind, and sarcastically humorous. She puts all her sincerity in the friendships and lovers she may have at any time. Parents disowned her when she gained her powers, so she is used to being a loner and can find it hard to open up for others.




  • Loves chocolate
  • When under pressure or emotionally provoked, her powers are weaker/falter

Trivia and Quotes

  • Has exceptional baking skills
  • Runs her own bakery with some of Jayn's help