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Magni is a splitting image of his father, except he understands more of the Midgard Culture than Thor did. Though young, he seems he’s seen plenty and his story is just beginning.


Jason is very well built standing at 6’4 ft tall. He bares Nordic Runes on his arms but is surrounded by Traditional Samoan Sleeves that wrap around his back. He wears a black rugged Jacket, wears black trousers with boots and knee pads. He has Dreadlocks and a trimmed beard with Blue eyes and a large scar on his chest.


Magni is outgoing and kind hearted even though he has a resting “brooding” face. He gets along with teams, though he follows sometimes with his heart and not his head. (Unless its headbutting).


Thor Odinson - Alive. Knew him, but his main stay is Midgard now.
Mother † - Deceased

Powers / Abilities

  • Mighty Heirloom : Jason can disperse red lighting from his hands as well as his weapons, as well as enhanced healing - an ability allowing North to heal faster than most.

Tougher skin : He can be bullet resistant up until small arms.

Superstrength : The ability to lift most things that humans and even the strongest of super soldiers themselves cannot.

  • Adept to all forms of combat and is skilled with his weapon.

Warrior Madness

  • When taking a high amount of damage (especially in the heat of battle) Magni goes into a godly frenzy unleashing over ten times his original strength.

Tornado Take-off

  • When Magni needs to traverse around without any other options of transport he can spin with his Axe and take off flying long distances.


Still a Demigod, he can be damaged and hurt like every other human (Even die from Mortal wounds), and has a slight temper issue (like his grand dad).


Jarnbjorn : An enchanted axe that was given to him by his father. Can cut through mostly everything but that is mainly because the rune on it that makes the weapon unbreakable.


Jason North the Bastard child of Thor Odinson was born in the pacific on a boat, his mother died on board and he was raised by a village in American Samoa but later was moved to america in the 17th century, getting the feel for the land of 'Opportunity' and discovering his powers and quietly aiding in wars. In the 19th century he made his way up to New York which he stayed for a long time, living amongst humans until he encountered his father and immediately got along with him as time has passed. After some bonding time in the arena of Asgard he earned Jarnbjorn as a gift, now residing on Midgard as his father Thor had taken up the role as King and All-Father of Asgard.


  • When Magni turned 18 he gained Asgardian runes across his arms, the reasons till this day are unknown which is why he covers them up with his birthplace tattoos.
  • Jarnbjorn means Iron Bear in scandanavian.