Earth-919 Wiki

"I have seen more death than any mortal can witness and killed almost double that size, My fight now lies bigger than my Universe alone trying to prevent what happened in mine, so what says you warrior will you join my fight or will i need to go through you too."

An unknown Asgardian walking among the limitless realities in the cosmos, his thunder can be recognizable to the most notable hero though it seems to be more mighty, an alternate Magni Thorson who's intention remains a mystery but one thing is for certain, He's a god of thunder and is bound to no reality... for now.


Standing at about 6'2 and weighs 190 pounds, having a very defined mesomorph build and has blue eyes which glows white when his godly lightning is activated, He has many scars around his body from many wars and battles he's fought in ranging from slashes to punctures and also wears two rings of his parents, Thor Odinson and Lady Sif symbolizing who he fights for now.

He usually wears a cloak and a hood remaining hidden in societies that he travels though beneath it he wears gold and silver armor reminiscent of both his father and grandfather with similar circular plates with runes surrounding them as well as down the bracers he wears.


  • Thor Odinson (father, Deceased)
  • Lady Sif (mother, Deceased)
  • Odin Borson (grandfather, Deceased)
  • Gaea (grandmother, Deceased)
  • Loki Laufeyson (adopted uncle, Deceased)

Powers and Abilities

  • God-like strength:Possessing both of his parents genes he is able to lift almost 100 tons.
  • Superhuman speed:He is able to run faster than any normal human on foot
  • God-like stamina:His stamina is also of great strength for instance is able to run over 50 miles without breaking a sweat.
  • Dense tissue and Invulnerability:Being of a full Asgardian lineage Magni's skin is three times thicker than a normal human-being and is Invulnerable to even the most powerful weapons of mass destruction or most man made weapons, he also has an Asgardian healing factor being able to heal most mortal wounds and infections though this would take time and recovery if it is a grave injury.
  • Instant Teleportation and Dimensional Travel:Inheriting the power of his mother to be able to teleport to and from any realm other than Midgard, what made Magni special however was that he was able to use this power on a cosmic level being able to travel to alternate realities and universes though this takes great strength from his stamina having to recover for about a month or so.
  • Lightning Bearer:Inheriting the power of Thor makes him also be able to wield lightning from his body and weapons, being able to blast a godly amount from himself and amplified further if using his Mjolnir.
  • Magni-Force: Similar to the Thor-Force and Odin-Force, the Magni-Force enables him to tap into the resources of cosmic and mystical energies of the dimension Asgard exists within, enhancing all of his abilities in turn.


  • Asgardian Fighting Style:Being born on Asgard mean't that Magni can be trained formally by the best warriors in the realm, forming his own unique style of fighting aswell as the experience he gained throughout the days of his existence made him learn a lot more than what any fighter in one universe can learn.
  • Tradesman:Magni has taken up all ways of building structures and houses outside of combat as all ways of helping those in need isn't always with a weapon or a war hammer.


  • Warriors Insanity:When put under tremendous pressure and loss Magni can become uncontrollable and looses his mind, though increasing his strength and stamina tenfold he doesn't know the difference between friend or foe causing him to be a destructive wrath of rage, the only way to stop this is if he was worn out after 24 hours of continuous injury causing his body to shut down and mind at ease.


  • Mjolnir: Becoming worthy in his universe gave him the power of wielding his fathers mythical hammer which is made of Uru and can be used to focus his lightning into an energy blast.
  • Necrosword: Kept in a vile hung around his neck, the Necrosword is a symbiote that can be wielded as a celestial slaying sword only mean't for the truly dire situations.
  • Lesser Hammers: These six hammers were collected as reminders of his fondest realities that Magni has visited, though not made of Uru or possesses the same power of Mjolnir they are still made by the Dwarves which are the highest quality they could provide and can be controlled by the bonds to the wielder.
  • Heirloom Sword: Magni from his universe wields his mothers swords which originally was made to cleave passageways to different realms, this can also be used for Dimensional travel though Magni barely uses it anyways and just keeps the weapon as a reminder of his Mother Lady Sif.


Being of great pride, This version of Magni is almost exactly like his father while also having the wit of his mother, He is also quite cynical at times with a hint of nihilism though at heart he is still warm and reassuring though what happened in his past doesn't help.

As a true Asgardian he does not shy away from killing his foes though will have a wiser ear than his father if the accused have a plead for mercy.


Born into an alternative universe than Earth 919, Magni Thorson of Earth-1610 was born into secrecy between Lady Sif and Thor Odinson and stayed behind the scenes throughout his time in this universe becoming even stronger than any of the Asgardian pantheon being able to kill the Silver Searcher after a little scuffle, In the end though the Universe became to collapse with his parents discovering their strongest sons special power arms him with weapons to prepare him, He said goodbye and traveled throughout the multiverse searching for answers though he was slowly driven mad for many years calmed down when he finally meets another universes Lady Sif (Earth-19999) and she gives him the best gift of all... Hope, Hope that her other universes son may find a place in this plain of existence or the next, He bids her farewell and moved on to new ventures travelling to different dimensions trying to help heroes that protect their universes.

Trivia & Quotes

  • On the back of his Neck there are mystic tattoos of Odin's two Ravens symbolizing that he will always be watching over his grandson.
  • His armors runes when charged with lightning glows a bright white.
  • Magni has a burnt out marine corp emblem on his arm symbolizing that he was once enlisted before.
  • One of his more finer quotes is "You would never believe what i have seen on my travels, Galactic Planets ginormous enough to house skyscrapers that breach the atmosphere, a universe that blends in intergalactic civilization, mystic elvish magic and high tech automatons that command fairy death squads, call me crazy but its all true..."