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"I cannot control my actions at the sight of blood. If I injure you at any point in time whilst in my savage form, then in advance, I am sorry."

Zofia Luna is a sweet person by nature, but at night, if she ever smells the slightest hint of blood in the air, she transforms into a terrifying, mindless killer, known to locals as the Night Savagress. Friend or foe, she will attack anyone that comes near, and unfortunately for Zofia, she will remember everything she's ever done.


Zofia is 5'7, weighs 124 lbs, has black hair (tied up like a Japanese bun), and red eyes.

Zofia is mostly seen wearing different kinds of Japanese-like dresses or kimono, however the most constant are her red ribbons on her hair, the various rings on her fingers, and the white gaunlets.




As the Night Savagress:

  • Enhanced Speed: The Night Savagress can move at speeds faster than ordinary humans, but not inhumanly fast.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: The Night Savageress has faster reaction speeds than ordinary humans.
  • Enhanced Durabilty: When Zofia turns into the Night Savageress, her skin thickens, allowing her to take massive amounts of punishment, though she will still be able to feel some of the pain.
  • Claw Protrusion: The Night Savagress can protrude short, yet sharp claws on her fingernails at will, which allow her to claw into objects or beings, and allow her to scale walls she might come across.
  • Killing Instinct: Upon the whiff of blood during the night, the Night Savagress will go into bezerker mode, becoming a mindless killer. This lasts a whole night unless she is knocked out, which reverts her back to her normal self. The downside of this instinct is that this causes her a headache which may last up to a few hours, and that she remembers everything she's ever done in her rage.


  • Hand-to-Hand: While in her normal form, she trained herself to become at least useful if she ever found herself in a fight, although she isn't particularly skilled, except when she is in her savage form, she will perform as if she had experience with blades for many years.


  • When she isn't in her savage form, Zofia is as vulnerable as a normal human.
  • When she reverts to normal, Zofia will remember everything she's ever done, and may suffer from visions of her actions every time she becomes the Night Savagress.


  • Small Bag


Zofia has two different kinds of personalities. Zofia during the day is confident, intelligent, and friendly towards people she meets on her journeys, or at least she tries to. By night, she becomes mindless savage if she catches a whiff of blood, and will strike anyone and anything that gets in her way.


Zofia Luna grew up an orphan, but that didn't stop her from becoming the best person she can be at her orphanage. She would always be willing to take charge, and help those without.

During her teens, her orphanage was broken into one night when she slept. Strangely, nothing was stolen and no-one was killed… yet.

A ritual was performed on a sleeping Zofia, and with a whiff of blood, she woke, not as herself, but as a dreaded being with a killer instinct, slaughtering everyone at the orphanage.

The next morning, she returned to her normal self, but remembered everything that happened that night. She vowed never to return to the orphanage, but she will find out who did this to her...

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