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Located in Manhattan, the Onyx Casino features over 100 poker tables and is home to the world's largest range of cash games and tournaments. With a large range of tables of all players, Onyx Casino caters to all people and the games that they play.

If you are a person who wishes to partake in high stakes games, you may request to be taken to the higher levels of the casino to test your worthy against famous poker players from all over the world.


Located on the property in another area is our joint accommodation service, with rooms with single beds to queen sized rooms with room service, or from our fully catered suites for honeymoons.

Prices may vary.

Prices begin at $400 a night.

Casino Dress Standards

All customers are required to dress smart casual and remain neat and tidy throughout their visit to the Onyx Casino. Upon entry all customers are frisked to prevent illegal items being bought onto the premises.