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"You took everything away. Prepare to die, Stark scum."

A psychic mutant with pure hatred for Stark Industries, assassin Nariko Okumura will stop at nothing until the company is brought down to their knees, especially after the death of her mother.


Nariko is 5'6, weighs 127 lbs, has black hair, and hazel eyes.

In battle, Nariko wears pure black clothing; pants, sweater, even her armor pads (chest, back, legs and arms), though her armor pads are outlined with dark red.


  • Sachi Okumura (mother, deceased)


  • Psychic Communication: Severance is able to establish a mental link with another person, being able to communicate to each other mentally. She can establish up to 7 mental links.
  • Telepathic Relay: Severance’s mind acts as a mental relay station for a group (up to 7) of minds, allowing them to communicate with each other.
  • Telepathic Speaking: Severance can talk aloud to others with her mind.
  • Psychic Shield: Severance is highly resistant to any mental/psychic attacks, however her shield can be penetrated by a more experienced psychic being.
  • Memory Destruction: Living up to her name, Severance can destroy or ‘sever’ memories of her target. She is able to target at least 5 people at a time, though it will only erase the memories of the last 5 minutes, and may cause the target’s to become unconsious. It won’t work against the strong-minded, but she is able to sever a memory or a large group of memories. Attempting to remove all the memories of a person strains her and can put her in a coma for a couple of hours unless someone powerful can wake her.


  • Expert Combatant: Nariko is an expert in karate, boxing, jiu-jutsu combining all three to use to her advantage.
  • Parkour: Nariko adapts parkour to her fighting style, useful in situations where she can use the environment to her advantage.


  • Although Nariko is a mutant, she is just as human as any other human being. She can get sick, get hurt, etc. just as a human would.
  • Attempting to establish more than 7 links will have poorer connection, and may fall unconscious if the link is forcefully severed.


  • Golden Gauntlet Blade: When activated, a white-coloured blade with red electricity running along its sharp edges appears, capable of slashing humans to bits and slicing through, built by herself and her mother before the latter’s death.


Ever since the death of her mother, Nariko acts cold towards anyone, no matter who they are. (WIP)


The daughter of an engineer who worked for Stark Industries before her ‘unfair’ firing, Nariko was raised alone by a single mother, who taught her how to build machines and weapons once her mother felt she was old enough, and taught her how to fight and use her weapons. 

One day, men claiming to be from Stark Industries targeted the mother and daughter duo, attempting to take away all they have built together and eliminating them in the process. Her mother was unfortunately killed in the process, and by then, Nariko’s powers activated, erasing the memories of the attempt on her life. With her gauntlet and powers, she’d take advantage of the situation, killing the men. She buried her mother just outside of her home, before taking what she needed and burned her childhood home. She eventually became an assassin in her late teen years into adulthood, especially targeting members from Stark Industries, and is soon looking to kill whoever has a connection with the company, starting with the daughter of Tony Stark, Alice.

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