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Connor Strange, aka Doctor Strange, attempted to execute a spell, however, the spell caused a beacon to blast up through the roof of the New York Sanctum Sanctorum, into the sky, and inadvertently damaging one of the engines of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier above New York City. Captain Marvel (Alexander King) arrived and stopped the Helicarrrier from possibly crashing into the city, directing it toward the water, and saving everyone on board, including S.H.I.E.LD. agents Daredevil (Matt Murdock Jr.) and Snow Arrow (Yukiko Yukimura), and Callum Martel. Yukiko planned to bring the perpetrator into custody, and so the four traveled to 177A Bleecker Street, where the Sanctom Sanctorum was located. Two other super-powered beings also went to investigate the source of the beacon: Scott Anderson and Hisako Ayashi.

Connor Strange, the person who caused the beacon to fire, explained to the six who arrived at his home that the beacon he inadvertently unleashed released creatures hailing from the Dark Dimension; creatures that defy the laws of the universe. These creatures can possibly shatter dimensions or summon people from alternate universes, And they also cannot be seen. Connor then devised a plan; though the creatures cannot be seen, the creatures make audible buzzing noises and are attracted to things that glow. The group will use this to their advantage to try and lure the creatures back to the Sanctum, where Connor will send them back to the dark dimension.

The remaining six were split up: Daredevil, Snow Arrow and Callum would head to one part of Manhattan, while Captain Marvel, Scott and Hisako went to another via Doctor Strange's portals. Each group will distract the creatures and lead them to the Sanctum. This event is the first time a big group of heroes unite to fight off a common threat after the long period of peace.

Though it took some time, the 7 regrouped back to the Sanctum's entrance, where the invisible creatures were finally lured. Connor, however, was having trouble summoning a portal to bring the creatures back into the Dark Dimension, and so himself, Daredevil, Snow Arrow, Captain Marvel, Callum, Scott and Hisako were forced to battle the creatures. Although Connor was the only one who could see the creatures, the other 6 were forced to use their skills and their ears to pinpoint where the creatures were.

In the end, the creatures were finally sent back to the Dark Dimension.

Now, it was time for some tacos.