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Nobody knows where Vallen truly came from, one day a child could be seen wondering into ancient Mesopotamia. He wore nothing on his body and had pale skin, paler then anyone in this area for obvious reasons. The year was 3500 BC and it was the start of the great kingdom of Mesopotamia. Many assumed the child was an orphan, the world is a violent one and they assumed his mother may have been eaten by a wild animal somewhere along the journey to get to the first civilization. A family of 3 took him in, a mother, a father, and daughter, although there was a cath. The boy was to do all work that the father needed to do while the father worked as a soldier for this newly developed kingdom, Vallen agreed and slowly became part of the family. Although it was clear Vallen wasn't normal, he drew out the sin of those around him, causing things such as lust and greed to take hold those of the family. The father became violent and ended up killing a fellow soldier, he was the first to die by execution. The mother now widowed and lonely turned to the sin of lust, sleeping with a man next door and being executed for adulatory. Next was the daughter, the 2 becoming orphans she slowly began to starve, she turned to the sin of greed. After stealing food for the first time she found it exhilarating and stole more and more, even when she didn't need to. It wasn't long before she was caught and as per punishment had her hands chopped off, she died of infection on the streets. Through all of this we can't forget Vallen, he was the cause of it all and through it all he showed no emotion as to what happened to the family... why would he? he wasn't family, he didn't know who he was but he wasn't them.

After a few years it was hard for people not to notice his strangeness, a boy who didn't scar, didn't bleed, didn't cry even when whipped. He seemed like an empty vessel, those who met him seem to die or succumb to their desires, he was faster and stronger then any child they had ever met, he was not normal. Shortly after he was labeled a warlock, soldiers locked him up and when they found they couldn't kill him they didn't stop trying. Through this pain and this anguish, the betrayal of the people around him, he succumbed to a dark force he was unconsciously holding back. a voice in his head spoke to him, a deep and calming voice... his father...

3000 years later an Vallen is still locked up, he is forgotten by those around him and the dungeon isn't opened for what seems like... Vallen couldn't remember, in fact he couldn't remember muh of what happened, he spoke to his father through the Shadow Realm, he hibernated in the material work, 5,300 years later he is awakened. the tomb that seemed to hold him is opened, excavators speak and for the first time in thousands of years Vallen is awakened, when they find him down here he is covered in a black cloth that seems almost like shadows hugging his body, he is frail and atrophied his body barely able to walk let alone breath life. Astonished by what they found they bring him up to the surface, bring him to a laboratory... another prison for Vallen, he's questioned and prodded, after finding his regenerative abilities he is dissected again and again, over and over. was this what the human race is like? thousands of years and they haven't changed. although you can't expect a monkey to evolve by only a thousand years... how did he know of evolution? in fact, there was a lot of mystery of how Vallen knew a lot of the things he knew, a few hundred years later and Vallen is a normal edition to the laboratory before he's brought to shield as a soldier, he worked for them and was quite effective until hydra took over and he worked for them and ended up leaving them, although he didn't quietly leave and there was plenty of bloodshed, he traveled the world and when the sorcerers felt his presence they safe guarded him, not for his protection but for everyone elses, his aura something akin to dormamu, but lesser. He stayed there for a few years and left, however the sorcerers still keep an eye on him, for everyone elses safety.


Vallen comes off as a very charismatic man, his voice is deep and there's something about him that naturally compels those around him to come to him, whether that's off putting to some or not its there. He has wavy hair that seems to be cleanly cut, the black hair is thick and naturally flows back. He has well defined facial features and for the most part seems pale, his eyes are yellow and almost seem to glow although it could be a trick of the light.

The light around him seems to be dim, even when in the sun it seems like the light almost avoids him, making shade darker and sunlight dimmer. His clothing almost seems otherworldly, the blackest of black, sunlight seems to be absorbed by it and it doesn't even seemed to be made of actual cloth, although if one were to touch it they could feel that they were wrong, the cloth feeling almost like a soft wool. This black robe seems to be the only thing Vallen wears.


  • Compulsion: Vallen has a knack for drawing compulsion out from living things, this ability is a passive one that he doesn't seem to control, whether that compulsion is for violence or for lust, for greed or for gluttony, he doesn't decide this. He simply draws out others desires, it isn't such a strong ability that it would cause an entire city to be in ruin but it is strong enough that those who come in contact with him can't seem to be dishonest about their desires.
  • Light Absorption/Shadow Enhancement: When in contact with light it seems to dwindle, and when standing in the darkness it seems to become darker, this ability while passive can be controlled by Vallen, making fire flicker out of existence just by being in their light, or making the shadows of the night become so dark its like a fog to make people become lost. This ability does have its limits however, a spotlight for example can have its light absorbed but not all of it, the darkness that's enhanced can't nullify all of the light that tries to get through.
  • Shadow Travel: Vallen can use shadows to teleport, causing him to instantaneously appear from one place to another as long as both places have shadow.
  • Maddening Presence: Those who can see the memories or true form/being of Vallen will quickly find themselves encased in a fear so maddening one could find themselves hallucinating their deepest fears, their darkest desires, or something truly horrific. Like a safe guard to Vallens soul once cannot see him but double back to see their own truest fears.
  • Intangibility: This ability only works in the presence of darkness, when in it he can become intangible, one with the shadows. However when becoming so he cannot interact with the material world until dropping the intangibility.
  • Shadow realm: Like a key to another plain of existence, Vallen may travel to and from the shadow realm and the material plain, the shadow plain holding truly monstrous beings capable of mass destruction on earth, Vallen may also bring people to this realm however he cannot bring creatures from the shadow realm to the material plain. The creatures within the shadow realm while not under his control seem to be able to both speak to him and listen to him to some degree.
  • Supernatural Condition: His body is enhanced to the point where it would be considered supernatural.
  • Eye of Cthulhu: a bound object within Vallens eyes, they show him the truth of things. not the lies people speak but the truths of the world, the languages he normally wouldn't be able to read he can, the hidden passage ways most wouldn't notice he can, things of the material world that are considered secret he sees.
  • Staff of Cthulhu: A bound object that shoots a black energy out of it, what would be assumed tangible shadows.
  • Immortality: He cannot age past his prime, which seems to be a 24 year old man.
  • Regeneration: Vallen can regenerate his body at a fast pace.


Cthulhu (Father)

Sorcerers (Neutral)

Hydra (Enemies)

Shield (Neutral)

Aim (Enemies)


Vallen has a deep voice, his tone is calming and yet something about it is almost... maddening. His presence is off putting and yet there's something about him that makes people almost want to cling onto him. Somehow however he seems completely oblivious to this, whether its him purposely ignoring it or him truly not noticing it is unclear to most, he carries a natural frown on his face and always seems to be gloomy. This is not true, in fact its quite the opposite, when he speaks its clear he's happy, not at anything in particular, just happy to be alive.

Despite his high spirits he finds the system of the world slow, inferior to him in every way, and he isn't wrong about that. He is superior to humans and to mutants, most would label him even as a demi-god. He isn't so arrogant as to call himself a god, that would be blasphemous to his father, the true god, the one who slumbers...


  • Call of Cthulhu
  • The Eye of Cthulhu
  • The Staff of Cthulhu


  • The people who found him were A.I.M.
  • Time in the Shadow Realm moves unpredictably meaning those thousands of years could have only been 20 for him quite possibly
  • He is a priest but rarely shows faith towards a god