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"You don't know the feeling of being bed-ridden, whimpering, frail and scared...then I got this rush of power, this feeling that I was something more..In that moment, I felt like a God!" - Victoria McKenzie

Born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the North-East of England; Victoria McKenzie was born 6 months premature and was clinging to life. Desperate to save her; her parents, a pair of well-off British intelligence officers, used their resources to try and save Victoria. They used a serum comprised of the blood of Jennifer Walter's, AKA She-Hulk, to save their daughter's life. To say it was a success would be an understatement as Victoria is now one of the most strongest in the entire world at only 24 years old.


Victoria is quite a muscled young woman, to the point where her skin-tight bodysuit can barely hold her tree trunk like legs, her toned abs, her jacked arms or her powerful back. Victoria also can switch off her serum to blend in with a crowd, causing her to shrink down to normal size, however the serum, when activated, causes her to grow in height and increase her muscle mass.

She has long, red hair and often wears regular jeans and tank tops, even without her serum activated, Victoria is known to be incredibly strong.


Patrick Higgins (Stepfather, Alive)

Pamela McKenzie (Mother, Alive)


Super Strength: Thanks to Victoria having a serum made up of the blood of She-Hulk; Victoria has incredible levels of super-strength, not being Hulk level, but being on the cusp of as strong as She-Hulk and has shown that she can lift armoured cars with her bare hands, snap a neck without any effort and even punch a hole in the door of a bank-vault. When Victoria gets angry, her strength can increase even more; showing a slight Hulk trait.

Peak Human Durability: Victoria is incredibly tough and durable, able to shrug off being attacked with baton wielding cops, she also seemed to find being shot with a taser more ticklish than anything else. She also can take on much bigger opponents and keep on coming, no matter how many times she gets knocked down. She can also survive falls from great heights, being shot at and other things that should kill a normal person.


High Pain Threshold: Due to her previous life as bed-ridden and sickly, Victoria can withstand a surprising amount of pain, even being impaled caused her to just laugh about it and complain of nothing more than a "Scratch."

Skilled Hand To Hand Fighter: While not expert on a military level, Victoria is still a skilled hand to hand combatant, having a black belt in Judo and Sambo martial arts disciplines; She also has a gold medal from the Commonwealth Games in Judo.


Fatigue When Using Her Strength: Victoria has shown that, in cases where she has had to lift particularly heavy objects, like moving a parked car to provide her cover in a gun battle; Victoria will get noticeably tired, this is only when she lifts exceptionally heavy objects without giving herself a break, though.

Serum Cool-Down Required: Despite the serum being in her system permanently, Victoria can't stay in her muscled up form for long periods of time, the longest being an hour and that means that she'll pass out and have to wait at least a day before allowing to charge back up again, this was done to prevent Victoria's body from giving out.


Victoria is an unhinged, some would say out of control, loose cannon and a power drunk powerhouse; the power surge that she got as a child in the hospital has stayed with her, she has an immense sense of arrogance and smugness about her. Constantly bragging and boasting; she is keen to trash-talk her foes as she beats them down. Victoria also gets a thrill out of fighting, especially if it's a fight where she knows she's going to be challenged; with her powers, Victoria loves nothing more than a good fight and can even be seen smiling and laughing during a particularly tough fight.

Despite that, Victoria can also be endearingly socially awkward and nervous, almost child-like at times, which is due to her not having much social interaction as a child due to her spending a lot of the time in hospital; however, she also is a big fan of comic books, hence why she dresses in a somewhat old school attire with a self appointed goofy name, because she's a fan of old school stuff and has embraced the insane nature of life on Earth 919.


Victoria McKenzie was born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England to two high ranking members of British Intelligence; however, when Victoria was born, there was immediate complications as she was put on life-support and wasn't given much time to live. Although Victoria beat those odds, when she was 5 years old, she was readmitted to hospital again for a dangerous illness that left her frail, fragile and bed-ridden.

Her parents, desperate for a way to save their daughter, asked the US for help and the Americans sent over a sample of blood from Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, they requested the blood of Walters because they wanted to keep Victoria as intelligent and rational instead of a brute like The Hulk.

When Victoria was injected with the serum made of She-Hulk's blood, she instantly sprang up and went from being bed-ridden to being incredibly strong and active, with Victoria only getting stronger as she got older. However, all that power went to Victoria's head and soon she was throwing her weight around.

Victoria also found out that she could turn her serum off, which she did, mainly so she could test herself and be challenged; from 17 up until she was 20, Victoria didn't activate her strength once and still, through her own hard work and dedication, she managed to become a judo black-belt and even travelled to Russia to train in the Russian martial art of Sambo.

The Geordie was also a gold medalist in the Commonwealth Games for Great Britain, winning gold in Judo; however, she found herself wanting more, and when footage of superheroes showing up in New York was shown, Victoria headed to America, adopting a life of crime for no real reason other than because she wanted to feel the rush of power that she got when destroying anything and everything in her way; regardless of how goofy her outfit and her Tyne Titan alias is.