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"There's always hope for a better future, no matter what your past is." ― Sarah Rogers/Xenon

Sarah is the daughter of Kaycee Marshall and former Avenger Captain America. She is still not quite into adulthood, and enjoys spending time with her twin sister and best-friend/crush, and is double majoring in psychology and ballet for college. When not studying however, Sarah works to defend her family and city as Xenon, working with S.H.I.E.L.D as an Avenger in her father's place.


  • Steve Rogers/Captain America [father, missing in action/presumed dead]
  • Kaycee (née Marshall) Rogers [mother, deceased]
  • Charlie Rogers [sister]
  • Luke Marshall [uncle]
  • Sam Marshall [aunt]
  • Chris Waylyn [best friend, ex-boyfriend]
  • Colin Himaru [boyfriend]


  • Telekinesis
  • Teleportation
  • Telepathy
  • Super-human strength, durability, regeneration, and speed [inherited from her father]


  • Multilingual
  • Knows parkour
  • Knows gymnastics
  • Very flexible



Two bladed batons that form a staff, which are designed to absorb heavy impact and deal heavier damage.

Carries a fighting knife with her at all times, as her In-Case-of-Emergencies knife.


Sarah is 5'11". She is fit, but not too thin, with complimenting curves. She is pale, but with a slight olive skin tone. She is a ballet dancer, so you can see the curve of her calves, the definition in her muscles. Her eyes are a blue-ish green. Her hair is burnette with blonde ends, streaking up towards her roots. She looks quite like a spitting image of her father, with some touches of her mother, such as her eyes and her slightly delicate-looking hands; her lips are full and soft, like her father's, her nose matches his quite closely as well. Her cheekbones, set higher on her face, are known to flush easily when she is embarrassed. Her jawline is sharp and elegant, which in turn makes all her features complement each other. When she smiles, its reminiscent of her father's own radiant one. With broad shoulders, slightly above average hips, and being slightly taller than most women her age, its harder for Sarah to find clothes that fit her properly. She typically wears men's sizes in shirts. She usually just wears casual clothes; jeans, t-shirts, leather jackets, hoodies. When she's got off time she prefers sweatpants and leggings.

When she is using her powers, her eyes glow a light purple, and they turn a brighter, more shade of purple as she exerts more force--more effort. In addition, they can flash a light purple with her moods--such as flirtatious, angry, upset/sad/, excited, and even when stimulated in certain ways.


Sarah is known to be usually pretty confident but when nervous, she can be overworking and impatient. Loves StarWars and is a big geek. She's quirky whenever she’s just having fun. She's learned to have a strong moral compass from her father, and tries to live up to her father's shadow. She's always compassionate and kind to others and always tries to be understanding; however she has a snark that she may or may not have picked up from her 'uncle' Tony.


Steve Rogers had been unfrozen from the ice in 1990 when SHIELD had received reports of a large entity below the ice in the Atlantic ocean somewhere. After this, he had spent many years catching up on history, laying low. When he met  Kaycee in 1997, they began dating--Peggy Carter had already married and made a life, so he had closed that chapter. They soon married, and Kaycee gave birth to Sarah on July 10 of 2000. 

Early life/childhood: Sarah inherited her father’s abilities(and looks, except for her smile, which was just like her mother’s), and showed these signs early in her childhood, and has a twin sister whom looks like their mother(except for her smile which is just like her father’s) and has inherited some of  Steve’s abilities as well. She met her best friend Chris Waylyn in 1st grade, and she eventually developed a crush for him.  

Sadly,  her mother died when she was only 10, in an attack made on the family. Steve went missing a few years later--when the twins were 14--after rescuing Sarah from captivity where she was experimented on giving her powers. While at the facility, Dr. Shmidt did his experimentation. It wasn't painful, but it was no picnic in the park of course. Kalen Masterson, a Hydra agent known as Agent Masterson, never gave Sarah the easy way. When she fought the guards taking her to another experimenting session, he would threaten her to stay in line. However she never seemed to agree, and so Masterson used his ways. He would force her to fight his team, partly to test her abilities and partly to make her tired enough not to resist; he would have the doctor inject serums in her before locking her back in her cell that caused her to see night terrors, worse each time and unimaginably grim; and he would even sometimes beat her, holding her head underwater for intervals, until she'd agree. It was a miracle when her father found her and rescued her. However, the last thing she would ever see was the sad, yet hopeful, face of her father before he ran off to take out more men. Sarah had gone with the small team of SHIELD agents that took her home, but she was never the same again. And since, SHIELD had become a sort of home for her. She focused on training, and though she was always better than most that she trained with, she found herself at peace when she was training. 

Sarah recently received an offer of training, however, from a woman named Bishop, whom she met in a scuffle at Prospect Park. 

Sarah and Charlie were left to live with their aunt and uncle when Sarah had come back. 

Dating life: Chris and Sarah began dating for some time, but when Sarah joined SHIELD and was "nearly getting killed almost every fucking night" in her vigilante work, they started fighting and started to drift apart. Then, in her Junior year of college, he said he couldn't bear to have just stood by and let something happen, and feel it was his fault. They broke up before the end of the year. 

Over her spring break, Senior year of college, she met Colin Himaru, a private investigator, during a battle at the Avengers Memorial Tower. She had initially brushed off his flirting, but soon gave in reluctantly. Colin promised to help her find her father, and that he'd never let those men hurt her again, but she would never be the same after it. She would always be slightly broken inside, now that her father was missing possibly forever, her mother died when Sarah was so young, and the things those men did to her. And she wasn't sure if she could truly open up to him, with what she's gone through.  


  • Losing those she knows and loves; not doing enough--fear of failing; being alone.
  • Mention of her father, mother, or Nick Fury.
  • Fear of heights.
  • Sound waves at a certain pitch, frequency, and range cause her to be disabled of her powers and render her unable to fight back due to the pain it causes in her brain (this was conditioned into her when she was experimented on).
  • Because she is, in fact, human, bullets, blades, etc--normal/simple weapons can harm and even kill her. She can heal from it, but it will still affect her. Alien weapons and such are unknown as to their effect on her, but presumably the same applies.

Trivia and Quotes

  • Sarah has an eidetic memory 
  • Has so much flexibility, her sister and best friend are always daring her to do cool tricks
  • Quote, from her father: “Compromise where you can. Where you can’t, don’t. Even if the whole world is telling you that something wrong is something right; even if the whole world is telling you to move, it is your duty to plant yourself like a tree, look them in the eyes and say ‘No, you move’.”
  • Loves Ben&Jerry’s ice cream
  • Favorite color is purple
  • Quote, from her mother: “Forgiveness is the greatest power you can have; but don’t let yourself be a lamb in the field.”